Reiki is an ancient Japanese “healing art” of energy exchange


Reiki is a hands-off treatment which is very gentle but powerful. During these sessions, you are fully clothed and only have the therapist hands hovering above your body -though many people can feel, or see, the energy through warmth and colours. Reiki is a very relaxing treatment and people often fall asleep, which is where of course the body does its best repair work.

Most of the clients I give reiki to find their own guides and loved ones also entering into the healing bubble with us, and give their tuppence worth when it comes to life advice and questions. In fact, it’s often as soon as I have booked someone in, I find there is a connection made as the intention has been set. I start to receive messages and tokens which will mean something to the client when they arrive. I was once told to place a piece of charcoal upon the couch as a talking piece and my client informed me they had just had a house fire.

Being a master I can send reiki through distance and time, therefore we can send reiki backwards to a place where you needed it and also forward. I’ve done this for client who knew of a stressful time coming up. We can allow the reiki to “meet” them there, this help with nervous such as driving tests and recovery from planned operations.

Sending reiki through distance is a great advantage during those times where you can’t physically make an appointment slot. You can relax at home and still feel the benefit of reiki treatment being sent to you.

  • overall body healing
  • help with relaxation
  • develop emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing
  • relieve emotional stress

I am attuned to master/teacher level therefore am able to teach and attune those who also feel a calling to learn how to share this universal energy treatment with others too.