Polly Hammond

How did you discover

you had unique


I have a great combination of being both naturally-gifted and well as traditionally and clinically trained in my various and different skills.
I was always “fae” as they say and could listen into the subtle realms, conversing with ‘the management’ so to speak. I have been reading tarot since I was a child, fascinated by my mother’s tarot cards (which have now been gifted to me in line with tradition). I was self- taught and guided to channel my skills through interpretation of the cards. This was abandoned and ignored for a while as most natural mediums do reject their gifts longing to be perceived as “normal” and to lead a conventional life without the burden of spiritual knowing.

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However, always underlying was my intuition and guides gently steering a path back home to full acceptance of myself and my talents. This was sharply brought back to the right road when, in 2010, during the birth of my third child I experienced a brush with death and vowed should I survived  I would abandon my corporate career and retrain in holistic therapies to lead a more congruent and meaningful life.

Initially, I rejected reflexology, my maternal aunt was already a well-established reflexologist, so I chose aromatherapy was the route for me to be different. Luckily for me, the holistic therapy course I chose included reflexology and massage as part of its modules. The very second I placed my hands on feet, I felt the pulse connection of energy I knew this was my calling.

The reiki came soon after, my wonderful reflexology tutor pulled me aside one day and said: “You know you’re doing something a bit different to just reflexology, don’t you?  I’ve been watching you and I don’t know what you’re doing exactly but it’s very powerful and reiki would be a bit gentler on you.”

Her observations were that my clients would walk in with a limp, be treated by me and walk out perfectly. Then she’d watch me limp to the sink to wash my hands. She took me all the way up the levels of reiki to master teacher. I also had the privilege to treat her and removed a hip pain which had been dogging her for some time.

The counselling training came just at the right time, I being newly qualified and had enthusiastically set up a clinic and was treating anyone and everyone from the general public to friends and family.

My skills at being able to quickly identify a point of pain or being able to see much more than perhaps the client wanted to acknowledge was difficult to navigate.

Always compassionate, but sometimes rather clumsily, I’d release a painful memory and the tears from my clients. I knew I needed to learn techniques of being able to safely hold someone through a difficult time and how best to support and facilitate their own healing experience, as well as when to refer clients on by signposting and what was to be considered, at that time, beyond my capacity or limitations.

I was then approached by Banbury Therapy Centre who had just started running training courses. Having had my own personal therapy with them, I knew them to be exactly what I was looking for.  I joined their first exciting pioneering academy group. Through my five years training experience, I have gained confidence and capability in my counselling skills which combines TA, person centred and gestalt modalities.

I also chose to specialise in addiction, in particular gambling. During this time I trained in London with leading gambling addiction specialists Gamcare who also ensured I had a good working understanding of CBT therapy and motivational interview techniques. These skills benefited my clients, crossing over all my different treatments and sessions giving a high-level standard of client care, consideration and safety.

During my work with cancer hospices and support centres, I have received training from the MacMillan Charity for the hope course and I am now able to facilitate this recover course for survivors ,and affected others, learning to thrive at life again. It was during this time the whole team I was working with at The Humming Bird, Bicester, was awarded The Queens Award for Voluntary services to the community.